MQ Varicose Veins Cream Relief Phlebitis Angiitis Inflammation Blood Vessel Health Care Ointment(30g)

The main ingredient:
Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis,Angelicae Sineesis Radix, Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma, Lithospermum erythrorhizon Sieb et Zucc, Daemonorops draco Blume, Boreolum Syntheticum, Chlhexxidine Acetate 0.2-0.4%

This product is brown paste, slightly fragrant

Scope of the product:
antibacterial, cleaning, itching.It uses for skin pain soreness, induration and other skin antibacterial care caused by phlebitis, varicose veins.
External use only. Please make sure the affect area is cleaning and dry. Then smear the cream to the affect area uniformly.Every time you use it, you need message 2-3 mins, 2-4 times per day. 1 pieces can use 2-6 days(base on the affect area )
For mild and moderate people: 3 pieces as course of treatment
For severe people: 5 pieces as course of treatment

Shelf life:
2 years,Sealed away in a cool dry place to save


This product is topical preparations, prohibit oral;
This product is hygienic products, can not replace drugs or medical equipment;
Pregnant women disabled, placed in children can not touch the department;
Allergic to the goods disabled;
Skin ulcers were disabled.

Product Features

  • 1.Pure Traditional Chinese Medicine boiled painstakingly picked and chose from plenty of precious and rare medicinal herbs.
  • 2. Applicable to the crowd: Long time standing or sit down, long-term wear high heels or fashion beauty, postpartum and obese people, poor blood flow of lower extremities crowd.
  • 3.Improve the look of varicose veins and spider veins with our specially formulated cream. Improve skin tone, minimize varicose and spider veins, and moisturize all at the same time.
  • 4.Collagen firms and tightens skin. Natural oils promote a supple and even skin tone for a flawless looking skin. Light fragrance.
  • 5.For external use. Directly put it on the wound. No residue left. More convenient to use and good-looking.

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